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Any outdoors man or woman worth a damn carries a knife. Any knife worth a damn can whittle. Knife + stick = chopsticks. Save your money, donate it to the state parks or something and show a little resourcefulness. I weighed some of those chopsticks from panda express, and they're far lighter than these, so if you're going for the extreme minimalist approach, you still aren't profiting.

$30 chopsticks? Really?

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I can agree with that! I love Snow Peak, but $30 chop sticks?? REALLY? lol

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I use these chopsticks damn near every day. They are going on 3 years now with practically no signs of wear so I expect to have them all my life. $30 is a good deal for the quality level they provide. I carry these on me so whenever I eat I can have my own wood chopsticks rather than plastic or metal, and I'm not wasting wood.

Plus for camping or travel they are a great multipurpose eating instrument. I'm not going to spend 30 minutes to widdle some one time use unbalanced chopsticks from scratch.

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did you buy the chopsticks and use them? didn't think so. don't hate. and stop publishing worthless reviews.

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I've had these for three years as well and love them. I carry them all the time in my pack weather hiking or going to work. Durability is great and they are easy to use and clean. Price may be a little steep but they are holding up real well.