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OK, this little story is testament to how killer these shorts are. I was getting ready for a great road ride (after a sweet mtb ride the day before) with friends and my girlfriend announced that she forgot her chamois, which in the road world equates to "I can't ride today". We had driven about an hour to get to this ride and no one had an extra pair of chamois- except that I had my spandex road chamois and the Oakley Trail shorts from the day before. So I gave my spandex chamois to my girlfriend (the ultimate expression of friendship!) and pulled out the Oakley Trail Mountain Short for the 72 mile road ride awaiting us. I have to admit, I would never choose to ride a 72 mile road route in the high Sierras over multiple passes in a pair of baggies but let me tell you, these shorts rocked the party. If they are comfortable for a long day in the road saddle, they are truly worthy of any mtb trail that exists. Kudos to Oakley for a great product and kudos to this site for carrying them.