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Gear Review

3 5

Pretty sweet boot

I've skied the factors for one season, everything from 8h resort days with minor hucks to 4h tours and I gotta say it's living up to my expectations. This being my first cross over boot I was very happy with the touring mode 'cause I had only toured in alpine boots before. After trying titans for a few days I realized that the walk mode on the factors isn't all that great but it does the job. I find it comfy on the up and stiff but forgiving on the down, have felt a bit soft in spring time with warmer temp.

Now to the bad stuff that puts this boot at a 3 instead of sniffing at a 5. Like may others I broke the ski/walk mode switch and got stuck in walk mode. I did this in dynafit binders and at the same time the AT sole heal part (where the pegs go) broke. I didn't notice at first 'cause it didn't snap all the way so I could still ski down from the mountain.

When I took the boots to the shop we discovered that the only thing keeping the plastic together was the rubber sole, since the binders released correctly and took no damage I'm questioning the durability of not only the ski/walk mode but also the AT soles.