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Pretty good, but some flaws

I've had these boots for about 2 years now and have done many many trips of all sorts in them. Not saying it will happen to you, but here is my experience with them.
-Didn't really seem to have a break-in period, they were always comfortable. have NEVER gotten a blister in them
-Very waterproof, no issues and I've crossed streams in them with my feet fully submersed
-Accommodate a wide foot well
-climb ice decently

-Not super warm. I have been worried about getting frostbite while guiding on Mt. Shasta in windchill around -20F (but I do tend to have colder feet) I've had them in a windchill of about -35F but wouldn't do that again!!
-the leather seemed to dry out pretty quickly, but doesn't effect the quality or performance
-Doesn't seem to have a super-snug heelcup. (I wish it did so that you could front-point a little better with crampons)

Overall its a good boot. As far as full on winter mountaineering i would not go with it. For general summer use for things like the cascade volcanoes and such, it works pretty well. Still you sometimes get those freak days in june/july where it can be super cold and these work in that, but do not excel. For an ice/mixed climbing boot, again, they work, but aren't the best in the market.
I've beat the crap out of them, and they're still truckin'. I wear about a size 9 and got these in a 42 which is a bit too small (my toes go numb midway through the summer guiding in these)

bottom line: Good boot, not great, probably some better ones out there for the pricetag

Pretty good, but some flaws
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Definitely helpful, thanks. For some of those use-cases that you wouldn't go with the Mont Blanc's, what would you go with then?