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Pretty dang convenient

Not bad not bad.... One problem though- doesn't charge my iphone :/
Maybe it's my phones software... but I have an Iphone 4 and it says that the phone doesn't support the charger.
Not sure how big of an issue that is for some, but for those with an Iphone, it's usually your source of music/camera/directions, so it's sort of a bummer.
On that note, I also have the Guide 10 battery pack, and that does seem to charge my iphone.

Other than that- great product. Durable, and will charge my (old) phone and (old) mp3 player in around 2 hours in ideal sunlight.

Perfect for road trips where charging everyone's electronics via car charger isn't possible.
If it charged my iphone it would easily be 5/5 stars.

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My understanding is that the Iphone and similar devices draw more current than old school phones. If the solar panel is not producing enough current(cloudy conditions, etc...) this could actually drain your Iphones battery. The Goal Zero rep I spoke with suggested charging a battery pack from the panel and using the battery pack to charge the phone. This supplies a more consistent current and should charge your phone more effectively.