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Gear Review

4 5

Pretty cool.

The best things about this pad are the thickness, down, warmth, weight, stuff sack pump, and vertical baffles. The pad is nice and thick, so that any frozen rocks in the ground don't dig into your back. The down on the inside makes the pad nice and warm for those cold winter nights. This is lighter than the regular downmat, so I can use it for overnight snowshoeing or ski touring trips. Stuff sack pump inflates the pad in a very short amount of time. It makes it so much nicer not having to huff and puff to blow up your mattress. The inflate and deflate valves are one way, so that the air you put in won't come out the inflate, yet the air you push out through the deflate valve won't rush back in. The vertical baffles help keep you on the pad, which is nice. My two gripes are that the deflate valve sometimes gets a little stuck, so the pad doesn't deflate very quickly, and that the stuff sack for the pad is very difficult to get the pad back into. Other than that, great buy.