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Gear Review

4 5

Pretty awesome

These fit great, line up well with my helmet, have a great field of view, and never seem to fog up. My only complaint is that the optics aren't amazing...there is occasionally some glare in certain light conditions. But it's never really bothered me while riding, I mostly notice it on the lift. I still love 'em because I've had really bad problems with a lot of other goggles fogging and these have solved that (extremely annoying) issue. For the price, you can't beat 'em.

The Amber Baker lenses don't exactly look like your traditional chrome lens. The chrome is on the inner lens, which means these have a slightly different look but they are still mirrored. I've used these in everything from socked-in whiteout to bluebird and the lens really does work well for pretty much everything. I'd buy these again for sure.