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Gear Review

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Pretty Great

I have been skiing the Hammerheads since the Beta testing. Overall I love the binding. I have reached the point where my Megwatts and the Hammerheads are overpowering my T1s and they felt floppy. I then switched to NTN and now I don’t know if I did the right thing. I still like the feel of my Hammerheads. What else have I skis? three pin, riva, three pin with Voile tele plates (who else remembers those), Bishops, Axles, super loops, and some of the new Black Diamond stuff not sure which ones. I really like the way you can radically adjust the cable adjustment point. I wish you could adjust it more easily for the uphill. It really is a pain in the arse. The binding is in position #5 is more powerful than the Axl in the further back position. I also wish they used the heavier gauge steel on the metal part because that does bend a little overtime. I have broken the plastic pit in the middle under your foot and gone through a few risers as they tend to burn out if you put them on another ski, oh and a cable or two. This is to be expected the years I have put on these. I wonder if what I needed was a T-race and another Hammerhead or maybe the NTN will feel better over time. It doesn’t have the same sole as 75 mill.