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Pretty Good

I have been fairly happy with my Spot 2. I have been using it for almost three years in case of emergencies. It lives in my ski pack with my multitool and sunscreen and occasionally comes along for bigger trail runs. The I'm OK message is good for letting loved ones know I am back at the car or good for the night. Most of the messages seem to go through, when the view is unobstructed then always. IF there was an emergency though I would be hitting the button over and over until the cavalry arrived. Brought it to Nepal and OK messages worked fine in the Himalayas. I've never felt the need to have the tracking component as it costs extra and would just run out the batteries. Oh yeah, batteries seem to last forever when just saying OK once and a while. I change them more often than necessary just to be sure.

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When I was trained on SPOT devices, I was told that when you hit the SOS button, the message will re-send every 15 minutes until you shut the device off.