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Gear Review

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Pretty Good

mcl4927862's comment below on the beam is pretty accurate.

-Comfortable; long battery life; numerous functions and modes; red light; heavy duty water resistance; great tilt range; dimmer option in all modes (except strobe)

-Somewhat dispersed beam, even in spot mode; relatively heavy (not too bad while worn, but adds nearly 1/2 pound to your pack)

Overall this headlamp works well and I recommend it. My biggest gripe is the beam concentration in spot mode is not all that focused. My older Icon's spot mode is more concentrated and thus has a farther throw, but is not as bright overall. Yet the 2012 Icon does have some nice features and actually feels less awkward when wearing it. This light is rated at 200 lumens, and may very well meet that, but the broad beam doesn't reach as far as I had hoped. If you are expecting a spotlight look elsewhere, as this is somewhere in between flood and spot. The diffused mode, which is the same mode available in the red light, works well for around camp.