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Plan in advance for wires

This is a great, old-school feeling binding. No nonsense, nothing to break or jam and can be used with the cable for trails and glades, or without for flat travel and gentle descents. But, if your going to buy these and want climbing wires BE WARNED. You must have the wires installed to the heel plate while it is being mounted. The heel plate's screws get capped with a totally unremovable plug and, as far as I can tell at this point, they are on there for good without doing some serious damage to the plate. Wires can't be installed after the heel plate is secured, and your basically screwed if you failed to plan appropriately (like me). I have managed to wrestle the wires on with a lot of frustration, but the heel plates are now all torn up and the wires don't sit quite perfectly in either the down position or up under my heel. SO, the lesson: purchase a pair of wires, (not included with the binding package and sold separately, I'm not sure why?) and install them to the heel plate while you mount the ski, then climb and carve to your heart's content!