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Phenomenal cosmic power? itty bitty living space

8 years as a Scoutmaster I have come to rely on few luxuries and you know the motto "Be Prepared" Plenty of power to charge just anything you need and most of the adapters to do it. I do wish it had a USB adapter to charge the old cell phone, but a quick trip to the local electronic store fixed that. It has found a prominent place in my bag, and not the "footlocker of doom" you know the one, that place you put all the crappy gear you had high hopes for, but they left you wanting.

Oh one other thing I don’t like about it.... they could have saved .5 inches if they would have thought about the adapter a bit. Cripes they could have molded it into the corner or something.....

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Im a Fire-fighter type2&initial attack.
The Brunton solaris out performs the Solar roll.
Say, wouldnt this be Great for Drying your Whites
boots, with Petes Boot Dryers at night?!