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Petzel Duo

This would be the Baddest Headlamp to ever surface the GEAR WORLD!
I was like a little boy opening his xmas presents for the first time when I found this light was still available.
Best *#@**@ headlamb ever.
Used the first edition for 5 years, backpackin trips 3-4 times a year.Now I be orderin another.
Thanks Petzel.

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I purchased a little 30 head lamp from lowes hardware that i throught was ok but wasn't water proof and i use it on the ocean a lot at night. I ordered this light because it was the highest price next to the big $400 jump to get the better one. This lamp is not what i expected. My $30 cheapo head lamp shines twice as bright. The hologen lamp is thungston balanced and is equal to a mini mag light with the factory bulb. I learned the number of LED's dosn't mean brighter. The cheapo i have has 2 leds that work more like spots while this LED lamp is more of a glow to give good light for about 4 or 5 feet in front of you then it fades off quickly. The hologen can be zoomed in like a maglight but that's it, no other fancy features. construction is good but i was expecting more light for the buck.