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Perfect for spring/fall

Prior to buying this jacket I searched multiple sites looking for reviews but could only find reviews of the last model...thus I'll review this one.This jacket is ideal for weather between 50 and 65 degrees, maybe cooler if you're layering underneath. It's very breathable and wind resistant but by no means windproof. It repels water really well but with prolonged exposure h2o will bleed through. I ran in a light rain in 50'ish degree weather this spring with the jacket on and it kept me dry and appropriately cool, i.e. a great job.The fit is perfect. I"v read reviews on the previous version that it is short and snug fitting. This is not a snug jacket but is streamlined and is a good athletic fit. I'm 6'3 195, athletic build and was worried this wouldn't be long enough. The length though is just right, hitting just below the waist in the front. The back hits a bit lower. The sleeves are plenty long and the elastic around the wrists is soft and not too tight so I can easily get in and out. The arm pocket, although cool stylistically, is useful for chapstick, maybe a protein bar, but really nothing larger than that. The reflective archaeopteryx is sweet but would have preferred an embroidered one. The chest pockets are roomy but sit a little too high for comfortably having your hands in your pockets. A slanted pocket may have been better.Finally, the reason for the 4 stars rather than 5 (if I could, I'd give 4.5 stars), is the interior lining. It's a bit scratchy and by a bit I really mean a bit, like a 1 on a scale of 1-10. My wife has the Epsilon SV, which has a microfleece lining (a slightly cooler weather jacket) that is super soft and makes me wish they had a similar lining for the AR jacket. I'm being picky but hopefully helpful.Overall, I like this jacket a ton. I have a North Face Apex Bionic, which has the soft inner lining and is a warmer jacket, as well as windproof, and I like the Arc'teryx better simply b/c the material is way more flexible.

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Tx cbe3776804, what size did you get?

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What size did you get?

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Sorry, Size Large fits great (6'3, 195)