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Gear Review

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Perfect fit!

I am SO happy about the fit of these shorts! It is rare that I find a pair of prAna shorts/pants in a size 0, usually I only see them go down to a size 2. I have decided that I cannot wear prAna pants because they do not make them long enough. If I get a size 2, they are WAY too wide in the hips but still to short in length. But when getting a short/capri I don't have the length problem anymore and because these shorts came in a 0 AND they have a drawcord waist, I can make them fit my hips perfectly! It's a wonderful feeling when clothes truly fit :)

I was also pleasantly surprised with the color. I got these in the zinc color and it ended up being darker than the picture, which I like because then they won't look dirty too quickly. And the mesh pockets? Icing on the cake!

Perfect fit!