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Gear Review

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Perfect, but overpriced...

I bought this jacket a couple of weeks ago on steepandcheap for 175 and couldn't be more pleased with the purchase. This is an amazing piece of gear. Nearly flawless in design. Only two complaints, I wish the hood cinch straps were on the outside. They are long and annoyingly get in your face. Secondly I wish there was a guard on the main zipper to block wind. Other than those tiny complaints, the jacket is everything I hoped it would be. It does what it claims to do and more. But at 375 dollars this jacket is terribly overpriced. I get it, its one of the few jackets made of Polartec O2. The fabric must be why its so expensive, but like others have said its just high-quality sweatshirt. This product should be priced at 200 dollars. If cost doesn't matter to you and you want the most badass midlayer/standalone shell this is it.

Oh and I don't know why the colors are all off on Arc'teryx's pictures. The cobalt blue looks navy on the outside oldschool crayola blue on the inside. The coffee bean one is much darker than the pic, it has a greenish hue in it.