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Gear Review

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Perfect bag for broad dudes

6'5", 235lbs. Wear a 50L jacket, 34-36 inseam and waist. My arms aren't huge but they won't fit into the "check your blood pressure" thing at Walgreens. Point is, I take up some space.

The Alpinlite was perfect for my size. I move around a bit and never once felt claustrophobic, but I can't imagine having less space. I think I would have been freaking out in Ultralite. The 6'6" version of this bag couldn't have been a better fit. I never got cold at altitude and only got hot once at lower levels, but it was around 50* and I was still wearing a shirt and shorts so that one was on me. All it took was unzipping the bag a bit and it regulated nicely.

I thought I was crazy dropping almost $500 on a bag but this thing is absolutely awesome and it shows in the details: the stuff sack is perfectly sized and the zipper has smart things like a stiff backing so that you don't catch the bag in the zipper. I can't say enough great things about this bag.