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Gear Review

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Perfect Mount For a Pole

I use this mount on Powder Days snowboarding and it works great! I use it with a Trekking Pole so I can keep the pole short while it's not in use and extend it when I want to film myself! the trekking pole also has thicker on the expendable points so it fits better on the pole and you don't have to wrap tons of tape around the pole like you have to do with a ski pole. I also use this mount on my kiteboard handle while kiteboarding on the water. Fun views!

I only gave it 4 stars because it doesn't fit on a ski pole by itself. you need to make the pole thicker with tape or something because the mount doesn't go that small. I really don't know what GoPro is thinking by not making a ski pole mount yet. Anyway... This is one of my most used mounts!