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Perfect Family Tent

We use the Corners 6 for family camping (car camping mostly) and not only do we love it, but others always comment on it as well. It is huge, but also very well made and capable of withstanding some nasty weather. It is fairly simple to erect and the pole pattern is self explanatory. The main problem with getting it up is that it is so high that it can be hard to get the fly over the top, although with two people this isn't an issue.

The connection between the long poles and the shorter sub poles could use some reinforcement as we have already broken two of the plastic parts. That said, it doesn't seem to matter as they stay in place without the connector.

Tents in this category (big family style) aren't really made to take a lot of wind, and this tent is no exception as it has such large sides. It can be tethered down, but finding a sheltered place to set it up in the first place is the best choice.

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I was wondering if you have tried to contact the company about the plastic pieces breaking on the "short" poles. I am really concerned about that detail on the design. I am replacing a fantastic "clip" style tent that we have used for 22 years from Eureka and since it had a "bathtub" floor that always kept us bone dry in the worst weather, I am also concerned about the seam this tent has along the ground. We are determined to get another "clip" style tent and this tent is super easy to set up in that fashion, but if there is a problem with the pole design and if it doesn't keep us dry, what is the point? I suppose I could turn on the sprinklers and give that a try !!!

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Hi Susan - I haven't contacted MHW about the plastic swivels breaking, mainly because it doesn't really affect anything on the tent. In a way, it almost makes it easier to set the tent up without them - you just install the cross poles (standard tent design) and then go around afterwards and clip the small poles in. These small poles basically give you more headroom by adding "corners" to the tent, which is probably where it gets its name.

I haven't noticed any floor leakage, so I can't really speak to that, plus, we use it mainly in Utah, which is really dry.

I did use this tent the past weekend and once again was very happy with it - it is huge, well built and well detailed with lots of nice little storage pockets, etc..