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Pebble leather

The Nixon 51-30 Chrono is a very nice watch. Once you open that box you'll love it. I bought the pebble leather with a 50/50 chance that I might exchange it. I tried it on and man this watch seriously stands out. It's not your typical leather/rubber strap and that itself is an attention grabber. Not to mention the huge watch that is already screaming for attention. Surprisingly when I tried it on, I did not lock the strap on the tightest setting. I'm a very skinny guy and so far every watch I purchased went directly to the tightest setting. I was actually locking the strap a few holes from the last and I was shocked. Knowing this was a huge watch (biggest one I've ever purchased), I assumed I'll be wearing a watch that's way bigger than my wrist but apparently it was just perfect. So for all you skinny guys out there, no need to fear. Just pick your color and buy it. The one thing that bugged me was the semi-complicated methods for setting the time, date, and chronograph. Besides that this watch is a beauty.