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Pace and split accuracy you crave

  • Gender: Male
  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I bought this watch primarily for keeping track of the milage and pace of my runs. Ambit has a large display which is easy to read while running, but no so big to be unwieldy. The weight of the watch is quite low given the size and is not uncomfortable on the wrist.
Ambit connects to your computer through a USB cord that has a clamp on one end that secures to electrical contacts on the watch. Generally this works well, although I have had the connection fail if the watch isn?t set down gently. Ambit automatically downloads/connects with a program called Movescount online, where you can view your data and customize your watch features.
I?ve found the Ambit to be highly reproducible in terms of distance measured during a move. I?d estimate the reproducibility to within a few hundredths of a mile for a run of 4-8 miles. Reviewing my GPS trace online, I?d say the Ambit is quite accurate as well- it will pick up subtle changes such as moving from one side of a street to the other. There are several issues with Ambits in-use performance that should be addressed. When the start/stop button is depressed during a run, a split is automatically taken. This breaks up the split of the mile/km interval that you are currently on, meaning that the next automatic split will give you a time for only a fraction of the interval of interest. Note: I think this has been addressed in the new firmware upgrade. Secondly, a split should first show your split time, not split number. Finally, as mentioned elsewhere, the stopwatch readout only goes to the nearest second, hundredths of a second would be preferred.
I?m impressed with the distance and pace keeping performance of the Ambit. I will continue to use this for most of my runs, but probably return to my Timex Ironman for interval work on the track.

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Regarding Movescount/programming: Movescount allows a high degree of customization for the watch display during exercise. Both the smaller bottom and top readouts, and the large middle readout can each be programmed to display any number of workout metrics including time, distance, pace, speed, heart rate, etc. This is also customizable to the sport, so if you want a different readout during cycling than you do during skiing, you can do that. Movescount will show you the average speed of your move in mph, but it will not show you the average pace in minutes/mile. A simple bar chart with mile pace for each mile would be nice.