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POW Tanto glove

Do not buy these for skiing or anything where the weather may be below 40-45F. The temps were 37F on the mountain and I wore a silk liner underneath and had heaters and my fingers still froze! The also did not hold up well, after 1 wear, the brown leather was already losing it's colors on the index and thumb area that grip your ski pole. Abort purchase!

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I highly question this post. I have only used these gloves about 15 times this year. However, they have worked amazingly for me. I've never worn anything underneath them. Maybe that is the problem you are facing. They are great down to about 5 degrees (below that is a bit chilly). However, at 37 is where I start thinking about breaking out my spring gloves because these get too warm at about 40 degrees.

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I absolutely agree with Aaron W, these gloves are the warmest gloves I've used. They're warmer than my Burton gore-tex mittens with liners in them. I love them so much that I just purchased a second pair on whiskeymilitia for backup. The are really high quality, fit well, keep you super warm, and breathe well.

However, at around 40 degrees, they will be a bit sweaty.