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I love the way this coat looks in the photo which is why I purchased it. I received it a few days ago and when you look at the seams, they are not flat. The fabric is all bubbled around the metal grommet on the left breast. The jacket is not nearly as flattering on my hanger as it is in this photo. The one I received goes STRAIGHT DOWN without ANY CURVING IN at the waist. I am so disappointed with the workmanship that sadly, I will have to return it. The fabric bubbles on the front left seam towards the pocket as if the fabric was not laying flat when it was being sewn. This would be a nightmare for a drycleaner to press! I WISH THAT IT LOOKED SIMILAR TO THE PHOTO DEPICTED HERE. In addition, the right collar is about 1" longer than the left collar. This looks worse than my first sewing project in the 7th grade!

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I just packed mine back up after great FAST well as too long sleeves, it does not lie flat, it bulges out at the waist. The photo is not accurate. I will say that this company has great service though~