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Gear Review

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Overpriced, overhyped

I've been riding the 06 Vapor now for around 100 days, admittedly this is the older model, so Burton may have improved it.

1. It's way too stiff - I think this lessens its maneuverability and stability - especially when ripping through a tight packed tree run.

It also makes it completely unsuitable for buttering or any kind of trick that requires flex in the board.

It could be me, but I don't find that it pops well at all.

2. It doesn't hold its edge very well - so as soon as you're riding on steep, hard packed snow, you'll find that your edges start to slip out - and yes, I've had it tuned, and it still does the same thing.

3. It's flimsy. The topsheet flakes and cracks like it's going out of fashion. The die-cut on the bottom is de-laminating as well.

4. The price man. The price. What the? Who's stupid enough to pay that much. Oh... me...

Err... it's ok in the deep powder.

Bottom Line: Ride something else. Your wallet will love you. Your skill level will also love you.