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Outstanding Filter

Many on here complain aboput the TIME it takes to filter a liter.

WTH????? Why the BIG hurry??? I dont get it. except to say it is a symptom of todays youth, I WANT IT NOW!!!! boo-hoo for you. Slow down and enjoy life.

I have used the Miniworks for 6 years, still on the original filter. I have used it in Colorado, the Sierras, Missouri, New Mexico, Utah.

The trick to using it effectively is understand what this unit does, it filters out particles down to 0.3 microns in diameter, thats 0.0000018 of an inch. Which to dumb it down means if you COULD SEE something that small, it would take approximately 1 MILLION of them put side by side to make a line 1.8 inches long.

So, clean the filter with an old tooth brush after about every 5-10 liters and this thing will last forever.

And customer service? Yeah, I blew out the umbrella valve and MSR sent me not 1, not 2 but 3 new valves AND new 'O' rings for free!

I also, personally, really enjoy watching the pretty red tinted water bubble in through the duck bill valve as I hold it up to the sunshine...time goes away, who cares if it takes a minute or 2? After all, I am camping, like I got something to do or somewhere to go? I'm there.

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James, just a bit on insight as to why some folks get bent about slow filters. When you have one or two filters for 10 to 12 people on a trip... filtering time can add up to a good 30 minutes of filtering, or even more if you're dealing with a lot of sediment. Just a heads up, as you might be a solo hiker.