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Outpaces everything else

This pack is incredible. All areas of the pack are crazy adjustable and it bottomlessly swallows gear. I can easily fit my entire luxury kit and a Bear Vault BV500 (stuffed with smaller gear, stove, food, etc.) inside the main pack, with all my essential easy-access gear stowed in the outer pockets. If I want to go light, the pack cinches down through nine different compression straps on the main pack bag. Weight transfer is amazing in light of the adjustability and the ventilated back panel keeps you nice and cool. Also, the torso adjustment feature on the frame sheet is ridiculously simple, but effective. All-in-all I cannot recommend it enough. Glad to see BC finally got the men's version back in stock.

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I am 6 foot, 207 lbs. I wear XL shirts and have relatively athletic build.
My total gear in/on pack is 30#
Is this a perfect pack for me? I've been reading and reading but yet to pull the trigger.

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Mike, we are almost exactly the same build. I love this pack. The best thing I can say is that I put it on and forget about it. The level of comfort and support at this weight is sweet. As far as the critique that the pack lacks hip pockets, they are available from Granite Gear along with a lid storage compartment.

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Mike56157, Forgot to mention ? make sure you get the Reg sized frame.

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The BV500 can fit horizontally if you place it in the bottom of the pack; however, I would not recommend this practice. First, because doing so will place a hard surface on the bottom and will contribute to abrasions on the bottom material. Also this will likely place your heavier contents toward the bottom, which is never a good packing strategy. If I remember correctly, you can lash it on top of the pack horizontally with the top compression straps. Yet the best practice I have found has been to use it vertically placed in the center toward the top.

The padded, rigid frame sheet prevents internal vertical carry from being uncomfortable, and honestly has never impeded my carrying capacity. I even carry my BV 500 like this in my Crown VC 60, which has a considerably more malleable back pad and frame sheet, and typically just use my folded up rainfly to account for the difference. I solo hiked the JMT back in October with my BV500 inside and had no issues.

Hope this helps.