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Optimus Crux w/HE Cookset, Very Functional

Just received the Optimus Crux Stove with Terra Weekend HE Cook Set, and am very impressed with overall quality, design, and functionality.

The stove itself is very compact and lightweight. In the open position the stove will be about 3" tall, with the same length while folded and laying flat. The cooking surface (for lack of a better term right now) opens up to a diameter if approximately 4", fitting the AL pot and pan perfectly and safely on top. The folding feature is pretty genius, allowing the stove to pack down small enough to fit easily into the concavity of pretty much any ~230g isopro fuel canister. I tested this out initially with a 227g MSR Isopro canister and the fit was just fine.

Optimus has included with this cook set a small neoprene/mesh carrying case that ingeniously and securely stores the folded stove beneath a fuel canister with ease. I will include an image or video with this review to better demonstrate how this system works.

The HE aluminum pot is designed well, having a small pouring spout and a comfortable grip. The heat exchanger works incredibly well, saving fuel and reducing energy consumption, while boiling water in about 3 minutes. The measurements being listed on the inside of the pot are also a solid feature, allowing one to see exactly how much water is inside the container. I'm also a fan of the fry pan as it may double as a lid for the pot, reducing boil times. An excellent little pan for eggs, biscuits, or anything else you could imagine cooking in it.

My only complaint is that the cooking 'spines' are somewhat hard to extend from time to time, but that's not enough of a problem to deduct a star.

Link to Optimus video -

Optimus Crux w/HE Cookset, Very Functional