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Only pair of Oakleys I will ever own from now on

I have had a few pairs of Oakleys throughout the years, particularly the gascans. Although good glasses, I just couldnt handle the relatively narrow coverage. An friend of mine suggested I try the hijinx, and honestly, these are the most comfortable glasses I have ever worn. I am usually a Smith fan (I own a half dozen of their glasses and LOVE every pair), but these Oakleys just fit my face well. I will be honest though, their optics arent as good as Smiths, contrary to what anyone will tell you, but they are a very durable pair of sunglasses. I found that the Polarization is rather "weak" compared to Smith or even Spy glasses. Honestly, I think Oakley made a winner with these glasses rather than making an overpriced and trendy piece of eyewear.