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Only for wet weather

(1) suspension sucks: my hips got super bruised by these and I've spent 100s of days backpacking. the suspension is really pretty poor, i don't really know why but it didn't work. I have the Muira for climbing and love that pack.
(2) outside pockets suck: the pockets are part of the total structure so when you pack the main pocket tight the outside pockets are really difficult to get stuff in and out of
(3) no water bottle pockets: there is no easy access pocket on the side for hat, water bottle, anything. i use a hat to temp control and there is absolutely no way to store it with this pack

super strong construction, legitimately waterproof, high quality.

I wanted to fall in love - but no dice

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Please take guys opinions like this with a few grains of salt. Sometimes they do not work for some. This "suspension" is one of the best ever made. Sometimes people forget many other factors ie clothing their wearing, body structure, etc...
Pockets suck??? No water bottle/cup holders, come on? This is a real pack, that they had to cut out some bells & whistles to get what it is. Not what some wish it to be. Simple, an amazing packs!

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This pack costs 699.00, I'd say his criticisms are as valid as other peoples praise.