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Only for riding

Great choice! Love it! BUT! I can't walk when I'm wearing this boots. I want to cut my legs because of so uncomfortable feelings..but only when I'm walking. When I'm riding they are perfect! Warm, confortable, light! And yes, I've got the right size, may be after some time I'll change my mind about walking xD

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good review but hey they are comfy walking!, you prolly arent used to them lol i have had them for a year and a half and i feel like they are just a normal pair of sneakers

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i just demoed thes boot from one of the reps in vail co at one track mind and holy cow i see the light. also we compared other boot for the same price range your getting such a deal for two hundered it a steal.

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really, after two years they are super comfy for everything, even runnig) now i know!) and!
after 3 seasons these boots still feels like new, and looks like new! 32 is just GODS!