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Only for light dayhikes

Love these boots for easy trails, not too steep of hills. They're light and comfortable.
HOWEVER, when I started going up steeper, rockier trails, they didn't work for me because the sole is too flexible (my feet were tired after the soles bent over every rock and twig), and on steeper trails, my heel slips around enough to cause blisters.
I would recommend these for easy day hikes. I would NOT recommend for backpacking (really, any pack over about 20 pounds, these shoes are not supportive for backpacking).

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I disagree.i have had two pairs of renegades...and have tried about 3 other brands.nope went back to lowa renegade...i love lowa boots..i hike alot...just did 30 miles in three days, over 11,000 ft elevation gain, and not a problem. hiked wind river range, mountains in colorado,with these boots..nope..not a problem..

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oh yeah..and i carried about 45-50 pounds..walked through water, never leaked, gripped like a mountain goat on the slides and comfy on my feet..thinking we all have different feet..just gotta find the right boot.(and socks).and by two pairs..:)

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I disagree with Lori, and agree with Ism**. These boots are good for heavy hiking as well as day hiking. They're light in weight but plenty rugged and supportive.