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Gear Review

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One year Later...

OK… I reviewed this product about a year ago and I said I would return to write a review based on if the product still holds up. Yup… still enjoying piping hot coffee! No - the coffee hasn’t been sitting in the thermos for a year! That would defy physics. However, once we finally got some cold days here in Florida, it was time to start carrying a vacuum bottle in the field again. This bottle delivers. Pour hot coffee in it in the morning (I found that priming the bottle isn’t necessary) and all day long the coffee is still very hot. I’ve even tested it over a 24 hour period. 7:00 am the coffee went in the bottle, drank a few cups throughout the day, and on the next morning, roughly 24 hours later the coffee was still drinkabley warm!
I had trouble with the fact that it didn’t have a handle. I solved this by attaching an aftermarket roll bar grab handle (an Oh Sh*t handle) for a Jeep. It’s for a 3 inch roll bar. Fits on the bottle perfect and looks cool too. I opted for a black and red handle to mach Primus’ styling. All in all I can’t believe what a fine product Primus has put their name on. Buy one!