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One and only

Alright let me start by saying i will never buy a backpacking pack by any other company than osprey, they know how to make a backpack better than any other company on the market. I have had this pack for four or five years now and it still is the same as the day i bought it besides the dirt, no rips tears or cracked buckles. Iused it for the first four years without having it fitted and still found it comfy carrying large loads. Over this summer when i went on a trip to the backcountry of New Nexico I finally got the belt heat molded and the ehole pack fitted to me as i had grown since i bought it. It was the most comfortable i could have been with 50 pounds on my back! After my two weeks of using it on that trip i realized the only fault with it which is that i needed more space and that can be solved by buying the larger size. If you are ready to buy the only backpacking pack you'll ever need this is it!