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One Star Means that the Hyperflow "Straight Up Sucks"

Summary: 5 trips over 16 months; 3 brand new Hyperflow filter cartridges; 38 to 45 liters of total water filtered before failure of all three cartridges. I even added a MSR SiltStopper ahead of the 3rd brand new cartridge and it failed just as quickly. (Note: I'm a mechanical engineer and I followed recommended back flush intervals and techniques "by the book")

I like the Hyperflow specs on paper but field use tells a different story. I’m afraid that I need to give up on the MSR Hyperflow product and move on.

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I can't comment on sco100451057's personal experience with the HyperFlow, but I can say that I have been using mine for well over a year now without any problems. I too use the SiltStopper prefilter, I think that it will help keep your filter pumping properly, and prolong it's life. I back flush the filter pretty close to the recomendations, but with the prefilter it isn't as important. If the prefilter gets clogged up back flush, but as long as it is still pumping good just roll with it. I use the filter in three season use, and backpack at least once a month. This filter has only failed me once, it was dark, we had to make an emergency camp by a muddy spring, and I was in a hurry to get water. It pumped about a liter then pooped out on me. I used the liter to make dinner, and with a rested mind and full stomach I back flushed the unit again. This time it worked flawlessly, and continued to work great the rest of that trip and many since.

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Where did you get the clean water to back flush it?