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One Fantastic Lid

first off I am a snowboard instructor and i love to ride woods so a nice helmet is a must for me. This helmet is a really nice one i just retired an old R.E.D. hifi helmet and i am extremely happy with my quicksilver helmet. it has very thick padding and a really nice silicon type cover. Similar to my hifi i do not notice any weight added to my head or pain in my neck as others can find in some helmets. I got it in the yellow and was a little disappointed to find that the color was not nearly as vibrant and bright as displayed on the pictures. As far as google compatibility it fits really well with round top goggles such as the anon hawkeyes and lots of oakleys models. i have the anon figments and get a decent gap unless i use a hat. the vents in the helmet are quite extreme allowing wind to blow right through the back of the helmet which can be a real pain when exposed to the wind on the lift nevertheless a hat fixes the problem. i would suggest this helmet to any