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Ole Reliable

Are you on the fence when it comes to rocker and looking for a board that is going to be stable and perform all over the mountain?

Do you like a board that is snappy, responsive, leaves trenches behind you as you carve up the trail and is fast in all snow conditions?

The Society has been a go to board for riders for 4 years now. Every year it has had slight upgrades that have continued to make it one of the best performing boards on the mountain.

For 2010 Ride lightened it up with a hempbrain topsheet. Added response and dampness with the new poprod 3.0, added overall response and dampness with the UL Core adding additional carbon running linear and carbon array 7 in the nose and tail. The new UL base is light and fast in all snow conditions so while others are trying to push through slush or unstrapping in flats you'll be cruising right by them.

If you want a board that is very responsive that will perform all over the mountain the society is a board that you should be considering. FYI, 10.5 is the limit for boot size unless you are running a boot with a reduced footprint like the RFL or FUL.