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Old Schooled.

Bottom line....Best Tent Ever. Period.

I've had mine for over a decade and it's never let me down. I saw some other whiner post about how when you zip the door when it's raining water "pours" in.....all lies. It's called slap the door from the inside a few times to knock any water off the outside before you zip out. Anyways, if you're a hard backpacker or mountaineer and are thinking about saving a few bucks by rolling with something else, buck up and shell out the extra couple hundge and get the I-Tent. You will realize. The El Dorado kicks ass, too. And Black Diamond's custy service is top shelf.

By the way, all you guys are super jealous because I have the old school model before Black Diamond with the little chimney vent instead of the topside deal. Which is the cat's meow. Oh yeah, and some other dude said his is coming apart at the seams? Re seam seal it on a yearly, man, and unless the damage is too far along you should be good to go.

Sons Of Montana

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Agree! Rain pouring is expected with any dome tent without a vestibule.
Re: coming apart... Backpackers should be handy with thread and needle. unless you want to buy things new each time you have a little rip here and there. Get some good nylon thread and fine needle and McNett Seam-Grip and you can fix a lot of things.