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Okay but not the best for me

I got the orange one, and I love the color. Fabric is soft, as usual, and great quality. One thing I didn't like is that the top is constructed from two different kinds of fabric - the regular weave of Smartwool that we all know and love, and a ribbed wool for some of the panels (see the two-tone for an idea). It gave my shirt a kind of sloppy look, as the ribbed fabric has more stretch than the rest. Also, the side neck zipper is fine if I keep it zipped all the way up, but it's too awkward to adjust easily, and sticks at the neck seam. I bought it on sale, and will keep it in my office as a spare; but I will stick to the crew-neck front zipper version in the future.

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Yes, found that the zipper does stick at the neck. I had picked the black. The seams really irritate my skin (I'm Asian), so I always wear my shirt inside out.[ I LIKE the look of the taped neck contrast, anyhow.] I'm 5' 3 1/2" and 128 "(wi street clothes). I've worn the zipper all the way zipped, half way unzipped (when it stuck at the neck and I didn't have want to putz with it) and all the way unzipped (which hits just below my collar bone). My SmartWool didn't seemed to take on a sloppy look, but then again, [Don't get yeched?..] I was "zipped in for the winter" I slept with it on and then worn it as my shirt during the day, putting on a jacket as needed. So I wasn't taking it on and off any at all, until I finally washed it and me.