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Okay Bag with Major Design Flaws

Personally I did not like this bag at all. I have to admit that the hip belt and cables running through the pack did do a good job of displacing weight, but there are two major design flaws.
1) If the backpack is not filled all the way with whatever, the top cover keeps falling off. For example, I put my camera and glasses and things i need quickly in the top pocket, and instead of resting on the clothes that should fill the pack, it just falls off to the side or on my head. Very annoying.
2) The grey areas of the pack are like an elastic material allowing you to put rain jackets or something you might need quick in it, but after a few weeks the elasticity wears off and things keep falling off.

Alsoooo, the shoulder straps are just a bit too narrow for my liking, and do not allow enough pressure to be distributed along your shoulder blades.

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There are straps to cinch down the top pocket on both the back and near the shoulders of the pack. I've never had a problem tightening these down to get it to stay in place when the bag is half full.

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i second sal. when you cinch the straps down, everything stays in place super well. every pack will flop around if you leave it loose.

on your second point, i've had my pack for over six months, have taken it out many times, and have not had any issues with the elastic pockets. maybe you're just stuffing them with more stuff than me? i'd love to experiment but i don't have the money to buy a couple packs just for kicks and giggles.