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Gear Review

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Ok, but the Core is much better for a little more.

I like this watch a lot, it is pretty accurate and has a lot of cool features that work well. It has a nice ergonomic feel to it and it pretty light for a larger watch. The altimeter was what I was after in this product. What I don't like is the buttons can jam after use in time. The Beveled bearing can pop off pretty easily and the battery can be a real pain to replace with the plastic cover. If you do not put the seal in the back when closing the cover you can get some water damage in the watch as well. I live in a very cold spot in the US sometimes get to be -60 with windchill and I have had this watch freeze on me. I have never had it happen while mountaineering on an expedition, it usually does not get that cold on the mountain, but it has happened around -10 before. Other than the negatives though it is stylish and functional. I also own the Core which is a little more than this model, but I would encourage the upgrade, because most of these weaknesses are cured in the newer model.