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Ok but mine leaked severely!

I was very exited to use my tent when i backpacked the hermit trail at the grand canyon! But on my 4th night there it started to rain a good bit. the left side of my tent on the seam of the vent started pouring water in! And to let everybody kno i did have the outer shells on it and it still leaked!

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first off why are you "backpacking" with a 8lb 4 season tent? These are more like a fourth season tent to use in winter up high in high wind and snow where they excel. Did you seam seal the fly and the floor of the tent? No matter what a manufacturer says seam seal it your self and you know it wont leak( you dont know how long these are on the shelf and the tape they use and dry and crack ) I just see on here all the time people rating these tents badly after they used them on a summer camping trip in a down pour and had leaking (probably condensation) but people who use this style of tent in the mountains or in winter have nothing but great things to say about them. Take the EV series tents from mountain hardwear I have read bad reviews because the tent was wet in side during a june rain storm. People use these things on everest up in the high camps, I mean Ed Viestures designed helped design It. So please before you write a review make sure your are using the right tools for the job.

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The tent is being marketed as a true four season tent. As such the comment that the tent did not hold up to a Western chaparral rain storm is valid.