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Obsidian means black

The picture for this product looks off, I'll give it that, or so I thought, but the dark obsidian shoes are actually blue....I love rocks, obsidian being one of my favorites and let me tell you I've never seen a blue one. Browsing this site, the dark obsidian for boys and little boys the picture seems to be of black shoes, and I have seen these shoes in the mall at another store the (I don't know what they called the color) but they were black red and white, which is what I thought that I had paid for. Had I not been seriously in need of a new pair of shoes I would have sent them back, lucky for me they go with more of my clothes than I thought they would, but it is still upsetting when I look at them, thinking about how I should have just paid the slightly higher price for the shoes that I knew were the right color.