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Oakley sucks

Oakley sunglasses are cool looking but a bit over pricey. I had been a long time Oakley customer since the 1990s. I had three Oakley sunglasses, all M frame. The coat on the second one was flaking off. The third one had crack on the upper lens which was concealed inside the frame. Oakley refused to replace the lens because my warranty expired, but they offered a $40 evaluation fee to replace which I think is a rip off. Why should I pay more for their defective sunglasses? They don’t care about their customers, they just want more money. I had to pay for shipping cost to send the defective sunglasses over to Oakley, and they don’t care. I'm not happy with Oakley anymore. They have grown too arrogant and greedy. Their products are usually of poor quality. I'm going to try other sunglasses like Bolle or Nike. They're good too. I heard lots of people like Nike's customer service.