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Oakley has an issue

This review is for all A-Frame lenses.
I've come to the conclusion that there is an issue with the foam lens sandwich in all A-Frame lenses. I have had an issue with the foam in between the 2 lenses getting a crack in it letting moisture in which causes a terrible, unfixable, fogging issue in every A-Frame lens I have owned. I am fed up with it and am looking to get new non Oakley goggles soon. Sad really as I had loved the A-Frames up until this last straw. Oakley has been good at replacing the defective lens in the past, but every season I end up needing to send one of my lenses in for warranty.. really?!? Oh and even though the outside of the lens does a great job of resisting scratches.. however the inside does no job at all in resisting scratching.. i.e. only wipe the inside with a clean baby bum.

The optics are great, the tint choices are great (especially FIRE), but this issue makes all that greatness.. well.. useless!

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i have had the same problem with mine! and it was two weeks after I bought them. Oakley rep was like 'send em back and we will charge you 30 just to look at em"

yeeeah ok. tell you what. I will buy some Smith IO's and forget you fools

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Sweet. I'll do that right now...Heck I will even pay for your lunch while you take a look at em...Sh'yeah. "Next product" thank you very much.

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Here I am on this site to purchase another replacement lens due to the same issues you have described. This would have been my third replacement lens, but I'll choose to look for a different goggle instead. Fogging of the lenses, and one wreck is all it takes to get scratches on the inside of the lens that will never go away.

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Corey, that's funny because I replaced my A-frames with the Smith IO googles (which I love). The A-frames have now been reduced to backup duty.