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OP Rap ring

Why? I dont trust crap other poeple have left in the mountains, including rap rings, slings, pins, ect. When I find rap rings on a sling, I cut em off and pocket them, then clean the sling and replace it with a new one I brought for rapping. Seeing as most other climbers do the same, why leave a new sling with a $5 rap ring when rapping right through the sling is perfectly safe. The only time I would use this would be on a big wall when you have hundreds of feet of rope to rap and it is resonable to see the rope moving back and foth a lot.

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Agreed. It is not cool to cut off rap rings (and pocket them!!) if you are not going to replace them with new ones. If you don't trust them, tie your own sling and rap through it if that makes you happy - but leave the fixed gear there for other climbers who would appreciate using it. Whoever left those rap rings there was sacrificing the $5 to do their part to keep a rap station in good shape, and wasn't only concerned with getting themselves down once. If you don't want to use it, fine - but don't cut it off. Let the next climbers make their own decision whether to use the rings or place their own one-time-use sling.

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You're an idiot. Why would you not simply build a new sling anchor and use the old rap ring if you really don't trust the established anchor? The next guy that comes along will tear out your anchor and put up a new one WITH A RAP RING because he'll (accurately) assume that the sling is compromised after pulling an unknown number of ropes through it. At least make an attempt to think through your decisions.