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Not worth 50$

I bought this footprint without really thinking about what it would do for the tent... which is basically nothing that a tarp or piece of clear plastic couldn't do for a much lesser amount of money. It does everything it says it will, protect the bottom of the tent, clip onto the tent, etc ( I never tried the ultralight structure because honestly my hammock set-up is lighter and is also bug proof...) I got the tent on sale for $100, so I just wasn't able to justify spending half that much on a footprint.

Bottom line: if you want to spend the money go for it as it works nicely, if not a peace of clear plastic from a hardware store cut to size will work just as well.

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A tent-footprint is a tent-footprint. As you said, you didn't use it as the ultralight structure (i.e., pitching just the tent rain-fly together with the footprint) "because your hammock is bug proof". Well, is your hammock also rainproof? That is main purpose of the footprint for the LightPath2. it would cut out the need to pack the tent itself. Of course you wouldn't do that during bug season. Hey, you can just hang the footprint or hardware plastic over your hammock to try and keep dry. Yup, that should do it.