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Gear Review

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Not thrilled

I bought this for use in a ski hut and have been fairly disappointed. My main complaint is that it takes roughly four hours + to filter through about 2 gallons of snowmelt water. For ski cabin use, this means you have to first melt the water (two hours?) and then run it through the filter, so you are looking at 6 hours before you get clean water, with no real way to speed it up, like a pump.

The second issue is that it doesn't travel very well. The filters are quite dense and heavy compared to the nipple where they attach to the container. In the process of carrying it, one of the filters cracked off right at the base, and this was when it was being carried in a backpack. Transporting it in an off road vehicle or anything bouncy/rough means that you probably should disassemble the filters (pain in the ass) each time, or somehow pad them.

To use the bottom spigot, it means the entire filter system has to be up off the ground. I have mine on the floor, so I would have liked to see a plug for this, just as they added in a plug in case one of your filters broke (lucky for me...).

Yes, I may be using it for the wrong application, but I probably would have been better off with a manual pumping unit.