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Not the best river sandal

I just spent 3 weeks on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. These were my primary shoes. Not a wise choice. They are nice for water as far as sandals go and protect the toes well. However, the traction when wet on rocks or other slippery surfaces was not very good. In fact, 2 of the other folks had Keen sandals as well—one of them being the Keen Hood River model for boating. They both had the same traction issue. Also, when used for dry and or wet hikes, I was constantly getting rocks or dirt in between the slots on the sides and thus making me have to take off the sandals to empty them. These sandals also stretched a lot when wet. I normally wear a 9 to 9.5 size. I got a 9, but should have bought an 8.5. I think this shoe will be nice for walking around town but not as a river sandal. One of the folks had a water shoe that did not have the side holes to allow water out easily or allow debris in to the shoe. This worked the best from what I could tell. It was easy to wear, dried just as fast as the Keen sandals, did not let the debris in the shoe, and was great on hikes. The Salomon Tech Amphibian sandal is an example of this design. That’s what I want to try next.

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Strange, they worked great for my husband and I in the water and out.

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I was considering getting a pair for a canyoneering trip I'm doing in a few weeks, your review has caused me to go with a water shoe instead. Thanks for saving me the pain of possibly slipping off a cliff :)

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I've had no problems with my Keens on wet surfaces. I've used them numerous times on rafting and canoeing trips and my only complaint has been they they tend to be heavy when swimming. I've since switched to Chacos for in water adventures but use my Keens for wet rocky hiking.