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Gear Review

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Not the best.... depending on why you're buying it

I purchased this watch/"GPS" a few weeks ago and I must admit, I'm pretty disappointed. I intended to use it to track routes and keep up with my training (trail run, bike, paddle, etc.) but it turns out that this is probably not what this device is best suited for. It seems that it would be best used strictly as a traditional GPS unit to track routes while hiking/camping. I would however highly recommend the Garmin Forerunner 305 (see my review for it) for anyone wanting a good (not perfect) GPS unit to track progress while training. Overall the X9i only gets 2 stars from me mainly because 1) It is not intuitive (included instructions help some, but keep them close at hand), 2) The distance it recorded for my run was way off (I ran approx 4.5 miles; it recorded 7.75) and 3) It is gigantic (I understand this is necessary to cram all of the circuitry needed for GPS) Bottom line: If you want a compact GPS training device, go with the Forerunner 205 or 305. If you want a GPS for hiking/camping buy a real GPS. Sure, it won't be quite as small, but it will work much better.