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It's a headlamp. It seems to work. It's small and reasonably priced. It's very similar to my old one from BD, except it's got 2 LEDs not 3.

However, BD has added A PHILIPS SCREW to the battery compartment. There's a small screwdriver in the package. Really? Am I supposed to carry a special screwdriver at all times on trips so I can swap out batteries in a headlamp? Seems like an afterthought to fix a design screw up.

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It's marketed for kids. Every battery-containing product I have bought for my kids over the past 12 years has a screw holding the battery compartment closed. Even if there's a latch too. Must be a CPSC rule. My kids' older Wiz headlamps don't require the screw to keep the batteries in.

I say it's a small price to pay for such a cool headlamp. Until we bought these, it was pretty standard to use a set of batteries per trip as the flashlight would always get left on. Wiz shuts off after an hour or so.